How to Boot in Safe Mode on Android Device?

How to Boot in Safe Mode on Android Device? Sometimes when you install an app on your Android smartphone, it causes some problems that prevent you from using your phone the way you want. These apps can cripple your phone and use techniques to prevent it from being uninstalled from your device.

How to Boot in Safe Mode on Android Device?

In such cases, Android has safe mode, which is similar to the safe mode of the Windows operating system. In safe mode, Android disables any third-party apps you have installed and allows you to fix any Android problems you may experience – you can uninstall problematic apps and change system settings that you cannot change in normal mode.

If your device has stock Android, you can follow the simple instructions below to boot Android in safe mode:

  1. Long press the power key of your Android device to bring up the power off menu with options to Shutdown and Restart . Your device manufacturer could customize this menu.
  2. On this screen, tap and hold Power Off. In a short while, you will see a prompt asking if you want to boot into safe mode. Tap OK to start booting into safe mode.
  3. Your device will be turned off and rebooted in safe mode. You can make sure you are using safe Android mode by looking for “Safe Mode” printed in the bottom left corner of your Android device’s screen.
  4. After using safe mode to fix the problems you are experiencing, you can return your Android smartphone to normal mode.


Safe mode on Android can be used to fix any issues that may be due to third-party apps installed on your device. Booting your Android device in safe mode is as easy as restarting it.

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