How to Backup Entire Windows Partitions with Z-DBackup

How to Backup Entire Windows Partitions with Z-DBackup

How to backup all Windows partitions? Z-DBackup is a free backup software that can be used to create backups of files, folders, hard disk and Windows system partitions. With the help of Z-DBackup, you can create a backup of the entire Windows installation, so that in case of file corruption, malware infection or other problems, you can restore the entire Windows installation in a few minutes.

How to Backup Entire Windows Partitions?

Backup Windows partitions program Z-DBackup

Here’s how you can use Z-DBackup to back up a Windows partition:

1. Launch Z-DBackup and click the Backup icon on the toolbar.

How to Backup Entire Windows Partitions with Z-DBackup

2. It will open a wizard to create a new backup task. In the wizard, select Windows System Image and then click the button labeled Yes .

How to Backup Entire Windows Partitions with Z-DBackup

3. In the Backup options, select a hard drive in the backup type and choose where you want to save the backup in the Target tab. You should choose a portable hard drive as the destination so that you can store the backup in a safe place, ready to use in case of emergency. However, choosing a local hard disk partition also works well.

How to Backup Entire Windows Partitions with Z-DBackup

4. Once the backup task has been added to a list in the Z-DBackup window, you can right-click on it and select  Check Check  and then  it will start backing up immediately. To backup the Windows partition, you must start Z-DBackup with administrator-level access.

After creating the backup, if you experience Windows boot and restore problems, in case of Windows file corruption, incorrect registry settings, malware, virus infection, etc., you can restore the backup files you took with the Z-DBackup program.

When you want to restore your Windows operating system from this backup, you need to boot it using a Windows installation DVD and then you need to  repair your computer. After that, you need to select troubleshooting options, advanced options and finally  System Image Recovery. Now you can select the Windows backup image created by Z-DBackup and it will restore the system to an earlier stage.

Z-DBackup program

We have included the steps required to back up all parts of Windows in this article. I hope it was a useful article. Also, if you have different questions you want to ask about the subject, please do not forget to send it to us in the comments, good luck.

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