How to Backup and Restore Android?

How to Backup and Restore Android?

Android phones backup and restore program Flashify: When you buy a popular Android smartphone such as a Samsung Galaxy, there are many unofficial custom ROMs available for your phone. You can install these new ROMs, install new kernels, try new recovery methods and so on. But before you try new kernels or recovery images, you should create backups of your working kernel and recovery images.

So even if the new ones show some bugs, you can always restore their working parts from your backup. Of course, you can create a full ROM backup with a tool like Nandroid Backup, but another tool called Flashify allows you to backup and restore only the kernel or recovery (these two are what people try the most).

Program to backup and restore Android devices

Flashify app only works on rooted Android devices. If your smartphone is not rooted, you can try Kingo. The main use of Flashify is to flash custom recovery images like CWM or TWRP on your phone, but you can also use it to backup/restore existing recovery image.

To make a backup, switch to the  Backup / Restore  section in the Flashify app. Here you will see options to back up your device’s current kernel and recovery image. Tap on the relevant options to continue backing up these items.You will be given options to save the backup to your local SD Card or one of the cloud storage accounts (supports Google Drive, Dropbox and Box). When selecting the backup destination, it will proceed and store the backup there.

In the future, when you have to restore the kernel or recovery, go to Backup / Restore once again and select the options to restore the relevant items. As expected, one or more reboots of your device will be required to complete a full restore of the kernel or recovery.


If you try or recover the kernel of your Android device, it is a wise idea to ensure that the working kernel and recovery are backed up. You can use the Flashify app to backup and restore the current Android kernel and recovery images on the local SD card or one of the cloud storage accounts.

You can get Flashify application via Google Play Store. I hope this application will work for you, good luck.

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