Android App Backup / Restore Program

Android App Backup / Restore Program

Android App Backup / Restore Program – I installed a newer racing game on my smartphone where only the Leadbolt.E virus was found. Even though Eset Mobile Antivirus had caught the APK file in time, I chose to restore my smartphone to factory settings. However, when the phone rebooted after the factory settings were restored, all installed applications disappeared.I manually searched for these apps in the Google Play Store and installed them one by one, and it took a long time before I installed all the apps we are used to. Through this bitter experience, I learned that you should always keep backups of your installed apps ready, so that you can use the APK files from the backup in case you install them again.

How to backup and restore Android apps?

The free App Backup & Restore app for Android can help you easily back up all installed apps to your external SD card. And later, you can restore those apps with a single tap. As you launch App Backup & Restore, it shows you a list of all downloaded apps available on your system (there is no point in backing up apps other than the downloaded ones).You can select one or more of these apps that you want to back up. There is a handy select-all checkbox, tapping which you can select all apps in the list. After that, you can tap the  Backup button  and it will start creating a backup of all APK files for these apps.

By default, the backup default storage is created in a folder called App_Backup_Restore on your SD card. You can open this folder to see all the APK files of the apps for which you created a backup. You can open these files to install them yourself; but App Backup & Restore offers a much more convenient Restore feature.You can go to the  Archived section of this app  and select all the apps you want to restore from backup. Then, you need to click the  Restore button and all the apps will be restored back to your phone.

In the App Backup and Restore settings, you can choose whether to override older versions of the app or prefer older versions over the newer version of an app if available, choose the number of versions to drive (you can back up many versions of this same app), choose a backup path, show system apps in the backup list, and more.


The App Backup & Restore app for Android can keep backups of different versions of various apps you have downloaded and installed on your smartphone. You can also restore these apps with a single tap of the screen.

App Backup and Restore for Android is available from Google Play Store at

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